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Getting started is always the hardest part; luckily, we have made it easy for you. 

Below we have our CrossFit, CrossFit Lite, and our MakeMomStrong memberships. All our memberships are monthly rolling contracts operated on Wodify, our booking system. 

We offer a free Trial Session in our CrossFit and MakeMomStrong Classes as well as a Free Trial week in our CrossFit Lite Program. 

Click on the box under the membership and follow the steps to get started!

CrossFit Memberships

Photo 26-02-2023, 11 08 33.jpg

This is a great starting point for anyone looking to get into CrossFit. This membership offers 13 sessions in a calendar month to be used however you like in any classes we offer. 
Any sessions unused in your contract length roll over into the following month, provided you're still in a paying contract. 

This is the most popular membership in our Box. 13 sessions a month gives enough flexibility and balance to fit in all your social commitments while getting into the Box and smashing out that workout and seeing visible results.

All contracts are on a month to month basis and require a 30 day cancellation notice. 


Our 4 x week membership will take you to the next level quicker, providing you with 18 sessions in a calendar month. A simple breakdown of 3 during the week and one on the weekend gives an outstanding balance to your training.

Most members build up to our four a week or unlimited memberships within a few weeks or months. Again, 18 sessions a month allows you to indulge in all the programs that we offer. Our Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and  CrossFit Programs offer a fitness regime that will have you seeing results after week 1.  

P1055700 2.JPG

As we have a schedule that has multiple sessions daily, the unlimited membership is offered for those that are looking to totally immerse themselves into learning all elements of what CrossFit offers and to get as fit as possible, in the shortest amount of time.


Members that go for our unlimited membership use us exclusively for their training. CrossFit Tooting offers both the yin and yang to fitness in the form of strength, fitness, power, speed, flexibility, and more. CrossFitters of 6 months + find themselves favoring this membership as they incorporate all aspects of CrossFit into their training.

Want more?

Check out our UNLIMITED PLUS 

CrossFit Lite Memberships 

Lifting Kettlebells

CrossFit is intimidating, no matter your level of fitness. 


That said, once you are breathing and heaving through your first class you realise that it's hard for EVERYONE!



CrossFit Lite is there to show you the with action, comes CONFIDENCE. 


CrossFit Lite takes away the barbell and gymnastics leaving fitter and stronger than ever..


With classes that challenge you from the moment you enter, this is the training program your future self with thank you for. 

All contracts are on a month to month basis and require a 30 day cancellation notice. 

Medicine Balls

Give us the reigns and watch your body and mind TRANSFORM!

Our Unlimited membership lets us do the thinking for you, meaning you turn and up and do the work. 

With 5 programs to choose from in our CrossFit Lite Facility, this will be the best gift to yourself. 

The gift of health and looking great naked!

No matter your level of fitness, our attention towards our classes will make Personal training feel pointless. 

Jump in and we promise you wont be sorry!

Intense Workout


This membership give you access to every class, in every facility, and to all programs we offer. 

Looking to add interval based sessions to your current program, but know you need the weightlifting days?

Tight on time some days and need to head into the office?

Wanna do a double session and work on certain elements of your CrossFit while getting in that aerobic work?

We have you covered!

Or if like just want it all-


MakeMomStrong Memberships 


All of our Mums memberships include our childcare services. This makes a such a big difference for our mums in our community as they know they have the ability to train while their little ones are close.


All memberships allow access to all of our programs and classes. 

Memberships are a monthly rolling contract. 

Our 2 x week membership allows for 9 sessions in a calender month. This allow maximum flexibility for our mums.



By far our most popular memberships amongst our mums community.

Access to all classes and programs, our mums can grab a cheeky workout on the weekend as well as during the week. 

Our 3 x week membership allows for 13 sessions in a calendar month. This allow maximum flexibility for our mums.


IMG_2028 2.heic

This is the ultimate commitment. 
This is a great way to spend your mat leave. While we take care of you, your little one spends time in our creche, socialising, playing and you get an hour of self care. 

Our unlimited membership gives you access to all classes and programs daily at all locations. 


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