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CrossFit Lite

Crossfit Rowing Machines


Are you seeking a challenging and dynamic workout combining strength training, skill development, and high-intensity cardio? Look no further than our 60-minute CrossFit style class! Our class follows the same structure as a CrossFit workout, beginning with a warm-up to prepare your body for the challenges ahead. We then move on to a strength and skill portion, where you will learn new movements and perfect your technique under the guidance of our experienced coaches. Finally, we finish with a met-con, a high-energy, full-body workout that combines cardio and strength training, leaving you feeling invigorated and accomplished. 


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, our CrossFit style class is the perfect way to mimic the style of CrossFit training and push yourself to new levels of fitness and performance. Join us today and experience the power and intensity of CrossFit for yourself!

Elevate Your Fitness With Our Strength Driven, High Intensity Program

CrossFit Lite offers a streamlined approach to get you started on your fitness goals. You no longer have to wait for group inductions or extended periods to gain membership; instead, you can make yourself a member and immediately get in on the action. We aim to make it easy for you to get involved in our community and start your fitness journey as soon as possible.


In a CrossFit Lite workout, you can expect the same fundamental principles as a traditional CrossFit class, emphasizing high-intensity and functional movement work. We constantly incorporate varied exercises that maximize your metabolic conditioning (MetCon) using modified weights or body movements. 

WE ARE NOT A BOOTCAMP! Like all of the programs we offer at CrossFit Tooting, we have designed our training to be progressive, taking the guesswork out of your training and allowing us to do what we do best, making you harder to kill! We are committed to honoring the foundational principles of the CrossFit experience. 

Elliptical Machine

"Easy on the Lite, this program is NOT LITE"

Our CrossFit Lite program is carefully structured to improve your fitness and overall health by incorporating various movements and equipment. We aim to maximize your cardiovascular health and build your strength by using different activities such as running, rowing, cycling, bodyweight exercises, and equipment like kettlebells, wall balls, or boxes. However, we want to emphasize that despite the name, CrossFit Lite is not an easier alternative to traditional CrossFit workouts. Each class is still challenging and designed to challenge your limits.


While we encourage our members to push themselves and work hard, we always put technique and safety are the forefront of our training philosophy. Our coaches provide support and guidance every step of the way.


In each class, we first prioritize a warm-up so that our coaches can effectively prepare you for your workout of the day (WOD). We take the time to introduce and teach you new skills, and our coaches will be with you throughout the workout. 


Our Clients

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